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Additional Reward as an Approved Local Counsel to mortgage lenders: the relationship and contacts you will develop with the Approved Local Counsel in the other 49 states whose mortgage lending clients may need your services in your state.
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Wanted:   Approved Local Counsel to Represent Mortgage Lenders!

All law firms attempting to attract new, quality clients in the mortgage business find it difficult and highly competitive - we're here to help give you that extra edge!   We need Approved Local Counsel to represent our clients who are mortgage lenders (residential loans primarily) in your state.  We have hundreds of mortgage lenders visiting our site daily,  looking to expand their business into states like yours.  Join the Approved Local Counsel List to become eligible to start receiving these LEADS and REFERRALS. APPLY TO JOIN THE APPROVED LOCAL COUNSEL LIST BELOW.


As Approved Local Counsel, your firm is eligible to represent our mortgage lender clients on ALL activities necessary to conduct business as a mortgage lender in your state, i.e., mortgage lenders license, loan document preparation, litigation, collections and foreclosures, opinions of counsel to our clients' warehouse lenders regarding licensing and loan document enforceability, advice on real estate and lending issues and state regulatory compliance.

No Upfront Costs: A 10% referral fee is payable out of fees you receive from our clients during the first year of your representation of our clients. Of course this arrangement is subject to permissibility under legal ethics rules.


As Approved Local Counsel, your firm is eligible to receive LEADS of mortgage lenders interested in finding quality legal services in your state. We are constantly receiving requests for referral of Mortgage Lending Counsel in the 50 states. When such mortgage lenders are not our clients, they may be LEADS for your Firm. Our procedure would be to forward to you the request for contact by Mortgage Lender Counsel. You can then call the Mortgage Lender and establish an attorney-client relationship.

LEADS!   Inexpensive yet comprehensive. No Upfront Costs: A 5% referral fee is payable out of fees you receive from these LEADS during the first year of your representation of a LEAD. Of course this arrangement is subject to permissibility under legal ethics rules.

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HURRY only 5 Approved Local Counsels are allowed to receive our Referrals and Leads per state!! If requested, your firm may be designated to serve a certain area of your state.

Joining is easy!  Simply use our online form below .  We will contact you and conduct a preliminary inquiry and investigation of your Firm's qualifications and capability to provide quality legal services to our clients in your state. Once your Firm is designated an Approved Local Counsel, we anticipate a long and profitable relationship. 

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Please briefly describe the legal services your firm presently provide to mortgage lenders.  We will contact you immediately by phone upon your submisssion.


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